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Welcome to my home, known affectionately as sillypore. At the moment, I am feeling The current mood of ditchdog at www.imood.com. Regardless of how I feel, please take off your shoes (and whatever you need to remove to get comfortable..) grab a drink and come on in! You’ll discover many interesting stuff as you wander around. Best part is? You will never get lost. I promise. Or your money back! Have fun and enjoy your stay!

Here, you’ll find the top 20 songs in the land of sillypore at the moment. The chart is based on mp3 ‘air’ play and if you are lucky, you’ll find my mp3 list in here…somewhere..but hey, it’s free!

Yada Yada! – This was actually written for a portfolio back in school. It reflects a summary of my life?! and beliefs all in one page, and I thought I’ll share it with you. You'll also find pages dedicated to everyone and everything who have made a difference or has inspired me in more ways then one.

Sex Sex Sex! You know you're here for that so stop denying!(I can see you blushing already..) Can you get pregnant from sharing a drink? Get infected with HIV from a shared toilet seat? The truth is in HERE!

All the things you would wanna know (and don’t want to know..) about me. At the end of it, you’ll know me better then your best friend.

Previously a live window into the heart of sillypore, you can now view interesting links, all for free!

What is life? What is love? Where do I go from here? Peek into my thoughts and tell me what you think.

Whether you love me, hate me, love my home, detest it completely. Whether you are 6, or 60, fat, slim, tall, short, have 3 eyes, a tail?! If you do have something to say, I want to hear it.Finally! Someone who really listens!!. I love getting up close and personal (sometimes physical too!) with my visitors. So drop me a note here and tell me what you think. Oei! So what are you waiting for?

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