Full name: Mark I. Lee. But you can call me anything you want! I shan’t put my full name here cause if I do there won’t be enough space for the other stuff…hee hee

Height: 1.78m

Weight: 73kg (this is a very old figure..)

Current % Body Fat : 10.1%

DOB: July 19

Age : In my 20s..and getting younger every year!!!

Residence : Sillypore Control HQ, Bukit Timah, Singapore! (Less then 5 mins from China Black, tracom, Hwa Chong, MediaCorp, Farrer Rd…I’m everywhere!)

Religion : Christianity

Qualifications :
- Bsc(Hons) : UK
- Dip.Electronics Eng(EE) : Singapore
- Associate (ISC)² - CISSP (2008)
- CEH (2005)
- CCNA (2001)
- MCSE (2001)

Industry: Infocommunications - Security, Audit and Compliance

Sub-Speciality : Information and Network Security

Research Interests : Technical Analysis, Equity Trading, Health and wellness, Info security

Areas of Interests : Music!! Loads of it. Chill-outs, dance, etc.. Can never get enough of. First Aid & Emergency Medicine, Physical Training for NS, Pro Wrestling, Psychology, Virology, Sexuality and Sexual health, Life Science and Genetic Engineering, Knowledge-based Expert Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Network Efficiency & Management, Paranormal & Paradoxical Science, Strength and endurance training, General and Sports Medicine, Immunology Language & Communication, Alternative medicine, Home Remedies, Radio..

Occupation : To live and survive.

DJ Stage Name : DJ Charlesming

Genre : House

Style : Funky and Vocal House

Favourite tracks? : I really have to thank my mentor, DJ @win for training and teaching me the basics and introducing me to the various genres of music and techniques. Music wise, I love stuff from Freemasons. They are great! And my favourite? Has to be Fashionista! Beauty has a price. No one, ugly, allowed!

If I didn't do what I do, I would be... : A vet.I love animals and taking care of them. But not humans, so I won't make a good doctor, hey!

Where do you live now?: Island of Singapore, in reality and Sillypore in cyberworld. Where you are right now.

Strongest Body Part : Right Biceps. What? What about the one below? Why?? What are you going to do?!??

Physical Signature Event(s): Bicep Curls, Back-Clap and Dorsum push ups

Have you ever been physically injured in sports? : Yeh. Really 'sway' and all. I am being treated for stress fractures on my left calcaneum base and distal 3rd right tibia. Opted for a new procedure called ESWT, hurts a hell lot but it'll save me from surgery for now. I have a malunited 5th metacarpal head fracture on my right hand but thankfully it hasn't been giving problems of late.

Wow that's a handful..(no pun intended)..your foot..is it any better? : Not really it's still quite bad but I'm hoping to last for another year before getting downgraded. I have also bilateral pes planus and symptomatic right hallux valgus but it isn't a big issue. Don't know what all those terms mean? It's alright its no big deal. My challenge to myself, is to be 100% from a less then 100% capability now. Through MORE hard work. I'm crazy ya say? Hell, never denied that.

Current Mobile Phone Model : My first PDA phone ever! Dopod! It comes with a GPS even!

Fantacies in life: Having a twin sibling, having a pair of natural blue eyes, meeting Soo Kui Jien and Nicholas Tse (hot and cute!)settle down into an Australian outback for good. Life is too stressful here. And oh...be able to sing to the song "Music of the night" but it's something which I can never do..oh no. To top things off..how bout a good orgasm first thing in the morning? heh heh...

Favorite animal(s): Actually my bitches. No seriously! My dogs. And my hamsters. They’ll bite if I didn’t mention them..They made that quite clear the last time round..

Favourite cologne : Davidoff Coolwater and Game. But these days I am very facinated by Marks&Spencer scents instead!!

Favourite shower gel: Marks & Spencer's aloe vera shower gel

Favorite TV shows: Comedies..comic relief! I don't get to watch a lot of TV but I do grab Discovery Channel and Animal Planet when I can.

Favourite movie (be serious now!) : The Game, for the suspense. Butterfly effect for its story-line, Duece Bigalow, for its humour and..X MEN !!!

Favorite Radio Jocks : Mr William (X)avier, Brian Richmond ,Mark Richmond, Daniel (my mentor) & Glenn Ong (No they are not brothers!)

Favourite Chinese song : Woah I actually listen to chinese songs??Actually I do. If you give me a song with the simplicity Guan Huai Fang Shi gives. I love that song. Chen Han Wei/Cai Li Lian

Favourite song of all time : Music Of The Night

Favourite vegetable : Speaking of ‘ku’ (bitter) it has to be bittergourd. Not many people share the same love for that vegetable heh heh.

If I could star in a sitcom, it would be..: Mr Kiasu! As Kiasee’s (Daniel Ong) cousin, KiaGong?!?!? Hopefully it'll be a 'smart' character for once. Kiasu (Chew Chor Meng)'s cousin is weird!! *sheepish grin*

One phrase to describe yourself: I'm your best friend!

3 words people use to describe you : Superman! (okay okay that's self proclaimed) Bochup! Siao ding dong! And the other is a bad word!!

Favourite phrase : Got miss me or not?

Favourite Quotes : Pain is temporary. Results are permanent. / Never love a love that hurts and don't hurt a love that loves / Life's a bitch, and then you die..! How bout a final one? DON'T KNOW DON'T CARE! :P

Favorite advice for people: huh you mean I actually do this now?! Okay..err..don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things. Less is best and more is a bore.(Made it up from the top of my head but applies to a lotta things). If you ever think life sucks the most for you, think of an egg. You share your box with 11 others, you get laid only once and the only chick to sit on your face is your mama! Live life to the max and keep smiling! :o) And remember, LESS IS BEST!

Favorite Hangout : Alley Bar, Maxwell food market

I would like to work as..: I’m a network person, but would love to live my passion and dreams too…to scare the hell out of you fellas with my voice over the radio!

Best Buds: Colin(SAF pilot-to-be! Update : RSAF just lost a fine pilot to be.), Raymond (who always says he will do stuff but never gets it done)

Huh? 2 only ah? : WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!!!!? Okay..somemore..Evelyn(Bosson spellbounded!),, Daniel “ ding DONG” e Man Ong(who changes his car like he changes his underwear!!!)

Anyone else? : Yeah, the folks in school, at work, at perfect 10, Daniel, Jamie, Glenn, Colin and Georgina, Rod, Jean (thanks for the bardot stuff!)Carrie, Charlene (take care…you need a break sometime yeah?) YOU GUYS ROCK! A big hello to my Doc as well, Dr Daniel Chia who’s been so sweet all through the years, thanks Doc! That’s it? I don’t have many friends? WAHHHHHHHHH!!!! But what the hell, better a buddy then 1000 friends. heh heh heh

Errr..go on... : Colin my buddy (again?), pamy..Jillian?? And all the folks at P10, but I have mentioned that haven't I? Tell you a secret...the music rocks (oh it is no secret no more! Remember...98.7 FM, all hits all day. Check out sister station Class 95 too! Yeh yeh free publicity...but i like leh..and i want to. And it's my site i do what I want!! ;p Too all my army camp mates whom I have crossed paths with. It's been really cool. Army doesn't suck. People do. So if people don't, army can be quite fun, its true! Err..did I mention Jillian already?

Pets ? : Diesel..my dog, she’s a rottweiler. There is this parrot that I really hate, my kois, my 7 huge turtles in the garden, the fish in my room and my hamsters!! Most of which I have given away to friends. All that’s left is rabbit, my mother hamster, and one of her kids named Kiasee, but I’m giving her away too. Hey those of you who are taking care of my hamsters for me, tell them I miss them for me okay? :o( Update : The dog is still around, the turtles have been released, fishes mostly still there, hamsters, well no more..(anyone wants their safari cage?) but now we have 2 chickens..yes chickens!

Favorite drink: It all depends on the time and occasion. Anything from a pinot noir to edinger.Thailand has a cool cocktail called Aroy Aroy. A must try! Else a lychee martini would go well. Away from the bars, I love my sugarcane and fruit juices. Not forgetting everyone's favorite, green tea!

Most memorable song? : Quite many actually, for every memorable event in my life, there is a song. Off the top of my head, Destiny’s Child’s Jumpin Jumpin, and Lonyo’s Summer of love are two songs that marked the first day I walked into the P10 studios on Jive Drive with Daniel Ong. David Morales's How would you feel is yet another one, the first track I've done as a DJ.

Things you like to do: Sex,Swimming (Read:Jacuzzi and lazing at the sides of the pool), surf on line, Sex, checking out fantastic dinning and chill-out deals, making a fool out of myself, making a fool out of people too..and..studying! YEAH! Oh yes, and promote…WORLD PEACE! *just kidding* Did I mention sex already?

Things you collect: Dust. Can't help it. Any remedies?

Favourite TV show host : Timothy Cao Qi Tai

Favourite WWE Wrestler : All time favourite, the late Owen Hart, Y2J, The Undertaker who remains undefeated in Wrestlemania events, Brock Lesnar, Trish Stratus, Shawn Michaels, Bill Goldberg, and Kurt Angle, who really cracks me up a lot. But he is what he says too. It's true! It's true. In the 1996 Olympic games, an injured Angle defeated Iran’s Abbas Jadidi in overtime to win the freestyle gold medal. Upon claiming his gold medal, Angle joined an elite group of wrestlers, becoming one of only four wrestlers to ever win wrestling’s "Grand Slam"—the Junior Nationals, NCAA Championships, the World Championships and the Olympics. Angle was inducted into the Amateur Wrestling Hall of Fame in Stillwater, Oklahoma in 2001.

Who do you think will win the best bod contest in the wrestling business? : Randy Orton. But then again it is a matter of time before you put on a little weight here.You lose some muscle there..

Favorite Christmas tunes : Can I list 3? Please? Have yourself a Merry Xmas, Winter Wonderland, and O Holy night (no not silent night holy night!)

Favorite body parts of opposite sex: The hair, and the nice bum...and the heart! But thats more like an organ isn't it? anyway..the scent of a person is amazingly important to me.

Favourite snack : Fruits (lychee!!), Pringles (original) and Ruffles chips. And loads of BBQ pork!

Favourite food : Has to be sashimi! And all kinds of meat. Oysters and caviar are simply orgasmic (is there such a word?) !!!!

Signature dish? : Macaroni cassarole. Love it. Stole the idea from my ex partner. Pretty simple to do..and woah..think I should do it someday again..

Do you get your news from newspapers or TV?: Online and TV.

Any tattoos and where?: Donch have. Pain ah!!!! Okay okay I am a big sissy..

Piercing and where?: My left ear, and only my left ear, lobe!

What do you sleep in: Nothing!!! You know that!

Sleep with?: Oh don’t be a sicko!!!!!

Boxers or Briefs?: Absolutely nothing at all! Wooo hoo! And I know you're saying "Geez, I can see you're nuts!" Errm.. (Read : your nuts).. geddit?

Best Advice: This isn't about my ego, its about living, and u know what they say about life ? it's a bitch! No seriously, Life isn’t about anything, but choices. It’s one bloody gambling table.

Words and phrases you over-use: "Ho say bo??" "Got miss me??" "I'm superman! It's true...It's damm true!"

Non-sport activity you enjoy: Playing with my dog..amongst other private stuff…heh heh

Turn-ons: The scent from a person. Mind you I said scent not smell. And my mom's cooking!

Turn-offs: Kids. I hate kids. I would choke slam every single one of them if I could..:P People asking "how are you" or "how's life". Such a bimboic question and the answer is always the same what. Also, going around visiting people during CNY to 'bai nian'. But then again I'd do it for the money and ba kua! Okay okay I am a slut I hear? Also, I don't like to repeat my answers. Have got zero tolerance for this. If I say no I don't want to go out, don't ask the same question again! Not even if you rephrase it! And DON'T ask why when you know it is a dumb question to ask.Fine...Lastly..people who make lots of noise while eating. I don't understand this. Do they have to open their mouths to eat and make those disguisting sounds? Terrible habit. Annoys me the most. Always close your mouth while eating when with me...it is unlikely there will be any sound made with the tongue, like a gold fish. If I walk away when you are dining with me, then you know what you did. :P

I'll like to meet....: God. So I can ask him if what is being said down here is true.

Dream car: I'm easily contented, so for practical use, I'll be happy with a SUV, or even a Colt! With that extra money, I think a lamborghini is a pretty thing!

Music preferences: Mostly Jazz and commercial top 40 and Christmas songs! More recently, Ambience and non-mainstream music.Instrumental Jazz..Duke Ellington,Ella Fitzgerald, Fourplay (not foreplay lah!), Diana Krall, Laura Fygi, Jesse Cook.!Perfect 10 98.7fm for the recent hits, Class 95 for adult contemporary hits, and Gold 90.5FM for their Jazzmatazz. My recommendation for dance hits is with Power 98 on Fri and Sat nights.

I want !!! Any recommendations? : Well try Lush 99.5FM. It is one of the best things in chill-outs and nu-jazz. If you are as crazy about music like I am, it's our haven there. TGFM! Thank God For Music!

Favorite thing to do in winter: Eat snowballs.Naked. No snow? Then find someplace with it and eat the balls there.Erm..SNOWballs..in case some people get the wrong idea.

What's your bedtime: What's my bedtime? Bed time is when i go to bed.DuuUH!

Where do you shop?: I hardly shop, if i wanna get something, i find out where i can get it, and go get it.

Coke or Pepsi: I rather have lychee tea.

Favorite thing to wear in the future: Clothes..I should think..still. No?

Favorite subject(s) in school?: Anything but maths!

Favorite color: I think i will go for blue somehow, some shades of green too, but im not fussy, colors are fun.

Favorite song(s): Check out my mp3 list, if it’s there it means I lurrrve it! But a couple tracks stayed, which I really love. One is Michael Crawford’s Music of the night from the ST of The Phantom of the Opera, the other is Shawn Stockman’s Visions of a Sunset. I also have a ‘dream-maker’ tune. It’s Charlie Chaplin’s Main Theme/Smile. Good for people with sleep problems, let me know if you are interested in it.

Favorite article of clothing: Uniforms (i am a lazy person. i hate to choose what to wear especially in the morning),Sleepwear, Cotton, Spors attire, Spacesuits, and anything that is soft, to the touch. Or protects me from germs. :P

Destinations traveled : Australia, whole of south New Zealand, Manchester, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Malaysia, Thailand, Eastern US of A, etc etc...and errrr…Sentosa?

Favorite Vacation Spot: Australia, but i haven't explored the whole world yet. Canada and Switzerland follow closely behind.

The one thing(not person) you treasure most : Freedom!! Loads of it! And my blanket cum comforter. Been with me since I was a toddler!

Next travel destination : Mauritius, Maldives. And tioman. (Waida minute, I have already gone there)

What's the neatest thing about your room?: Myself, anything else is a mess.

Favorite CD you own: CDs? I can't single out any one of them from my thousands. Dreamgirls ST seems to be quite hot here now. My fav's are probably my own dance CDs. Freemasons rule!

What sports do you like?: Moving my butt to change the tv channel.

Any current partners/crushes?: You mean you don't know? OH MAN!

3 Questions that you have not been able to answer/define : What is life? (Actually I have one written, it is really chim and all). What is love? and... When will I die?

When you die, what do you want to be remembered for? : Nothing spectacular. Don't need a nobel prize. If people around me including my family and buddies remember me as a good friend to them, that's all I ask for.

Favorite Day of the Week: Saturday. I get all the sleep I need into Sunday..

Hates? : Sundays. A lot of things always go wrong on Sundays…given a choice I’ll sleep through it or something.

A teacher you hate: I'll name two and a whole lot of them! Mr Wong Kum Chuan, when i was in Sec 2, and Mr See Yen Pai. When i was in sec 1. Both from Cat High. Damm school sucked and so did everything in it. Glad I left anyway! If u ppl know them, and still meet them, tell them for me, i still haven't forgotten them. I'm sure we have plenty to catch up with. It's pay back time. Those stupid sons of a bitch! No not from the same bitch!

Okay okay take it easy! Any teachers worth mentioning then? In a good way? : Oh yes of course. Mr Melvin Pilo. Ms Vera Low. Mr Chia Song Khim, Principal Ms Chan Mee Leen, Mdm Lee Kim Huay, Ms Gay, Mrs Tan HH, Mr Syed. The finest teachers I have seen. A huge thank you for the 3 years I was there.

Favorite thing to get clean: I’m quite a clean person, its a routine thing. We are talking about hygiene baby!

Favorite Number(s): I like 7 best for a few reasons. And my dear ‘daughter’, 69 sucks.

Favorite Ice Cream flavor(s): Depends on the mood. I do yam anytime. The best ice cream seems to be from Passionflowers from Sydney and the new zealand natural ice cream.

Cuts hair at? : Supercuts. @ Cineleisure of course.

Part of my body that I am most proud of : The earrings and studs (holes) attached to my left ear. Hey, my ear is part of my body ya know. Want another one? Here's a hint. It's where the sun don't shine..

What kind of guys/girls are you attracted to?: People who attract me with their natural self. And their scent..tells me and my nose a lot about the other person. And of course their kind heart. But that's all bull. Everyone's kind and caring and blah blah blah. If you have the attraction aka the x factor then you have it.

Which part of a person can absolutely captivate you?: The eyes....*swoon*

What's your most embarrassing moment? : Body checks in primary/secondary school! I forgot to wear my underwear! *Gasp* Okay okay I’ll tell a real one. When I was in Primary 5, I was the lead actor for the school’s D&D at Westin. I play the male version of Cinderella, aka Cindefella. We were rehearsing for the show and I had to wear 3 layers of clothes cause we don’t have time to have a change of clothes for different scenes. It was that one time when I dashed backstage to strip off another layer of clothing before the next scene, when….I forgot to put on the layer of clothes for the scene! What happened was..ahem..I pulled the last layer of pants off..you can imagine how everyone including the teachers (females) rolled over the floor laughing. So paiseh ya know standing there in my underwear, thank goodness I remembered to wear one! Or else….

Something which you cannot stand? : Cannot stand? One night stand loh. Stand one night damm tiring okay!! okay okay..serious stuff...i can't stand getting older and older. I have Gerascophobia.

Things that impress you : Woah. A lot you know. How?

Errr..just name one? : Okay errr...Technical people in my field, who are females! You know in my field, the females are either quite lousy (but kuddos to them for even trying!) or really good! It is so extreme. I met this network admin the other day and she wows me. Amazingly technically sound. Keep it up ladies!!

What do you do when you are stressed ? : What do I do? What would GUYS do? hahaha..just kidding. I dig out all the funniest mp3s I have that my friends sent me over the years. Some include Glenn Ong's singing from the good ole Ego Trip! They never fail to crack me up even on the worst days..it's true oh it's true...

The last time I cried was…: Was at my dog Diesel's cremation. Then it was recently over a broken relationship. Awwww...

Can a guy and girl be just "best friends?": Absolutely. Right Evelyn? Right Joey?

Do you mind paying for a date?: I am a cheapskate. Everything in my house is on me. Everything out of it, is on you..:P

Best book you've ever read: The book-in book-out book in the army. And hopefully my name is inside.

What's the most important in someone's personality?: Be themselves, be original, it brings the best out of people.

Thoughts about war : War is not about who’s right, it’s about who’s left.

To sum it all up, in a para, who is this Sillypore's Senior Music Director, Mighty Mark?: The name's Mark, also known as mighty mark or charlesming as some friends address him as. He has no concept of right or wrong, nor understand the difference between good and evil. He has no boundaries, lives by his conscience and feels with his gut. A preacher of preaches, that gut instinct tells him what he doesn't and cannot see or feel at that moment, and assumes the role of a steering mechanism. loves his friends and family in his own little way, and yearns to settle down with the right person someday. One who truly loves him and whom he loves in return for ditchdog will protect and defend that love with everything he's got. Till that day occurs, 'Charlesming' remains a stray, living day by day as if it's his last, doing all that he has missed, and all he wants to do while enjoying every bit of it with no regrets. *** Update : He has since found that someone and is looking forward to spending his remaining days on earth with that someone. I love you baby!

Not many people know this about me..: I have a horrendous laughter! People around me know that! Muahahaahaah!! I’m also a perfectionalist in more ways then one! I would also wanna be a volunteer at SPCA and at orphanages when I have time. Kids are adorable and the poor homeless dogs…? But I hate babies and toddlers, for now, especially boys. Yes yes I was a baby boy too but I was a GOOD boy. Ask my dad! And did I mention? I'm superman!!!!

Something I would definitely do in this lifetime : To fall in love with the right, and deserving person????