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Day 1 - Day 4

Day 1

Yay! We’re free! And in Sydney too! We had lotsa kewl chicks serving us on board so it definitely made our day (actually..morning). Made our way out of the terminal, onto a bus and onto our hotel (no one ever knows where Oakford – Darling Harbour is, as we would find out). Checked in, threw out luggage one side and went for a shower. Had to take a nap but ended up with a huge snooze. Colin was supposed to wake me up after an hour but he fell asleep anyway and our mobile phone finally rang which sorta woke me up. We were starving like crazy cause we didn’t really had lunch and breakfast was like the stuff they throw at ya on board so we went to a convenience store around the corner and for a bottle of milk, packs and bowls of instant mee and a couple bottles of water, we paid almost 40 bucks! What a rip off! Should have torched the store down before leaving or something…grrrr. Kristi soon made her way to our room and after a little hug (aiyah no kiss lah!) we started our city walkabout. We bumped into friends of Kristi’s. Jean and Sky (sorry I gotta say this hah hah) doing their rendezvous thing heh heh.. dinner was at Basement…excellent place.. comes with live jazz singers and instrumentalists with great food, beer and cocktails! Tried their Hahns premium beer and a cocktail known as Aloha. For the amount of food we got, it was pretty cheap. Great hang out place. Having gone 5 inches thicker on my waist, we trotted out of the place and started our Sydney night tour on foot (check map for details). Sydney habour, darling habour, Hyde park, The Rocks.. Opera house.. you name it, we did it. Supper was at the Rocks, with a super duper chocolate shake and the infamous devil pancake. Absolutely sweeter than anything in the world…with day 1 almost complete, we trotted back to our hotel while Kristi made her way home…what a start…what a start…we must have covered more then a few kilometers in a couple hours. Go to Australia at the right season and you’ll walk like there’s no tomorrow…BUT.. there is.. Day 2. Up next.

Day 2

Yawn….oh no! 12pm!! What the heck?! We spent the morning like 2 knock-outs. Another round of walking around the city area (again I must say, we were living in PRIME area). Queen Victoria Building (check photos, excellent building), The Strand, Midtown.. Sydney is not really a place for shopping but we had to get something for the folks @ home or it’ll be such a sin (paying the bills is a greater sin actually). Lunch was at the Strand, had unagi don (eel rice) at this jap place after reaching the top floor in this little cool lift that still has an attendant in it (check photos). AMP tower was next, where we went right to the top of the tower, supposedly the second highest point in the area after the Harbour Bridge. Breath taking view all 360 degrees of it. Oh shucks we forgot about the jet boat ride! Oh it’s fine actually just an hour to go before we had to get ready for Kristi’s party. We dashed out of AMP Towers, down darling habour, got our ride (it was very exhilarating, but the ones in New Zealand were much better, though really scary, with all the dare devil stunts and near misses objects and coastal features). Got a tad bit wet though but ah.. hotel just 3 minutes away (wink). Got back there looking (and smelling) like a fish, where Kristi was waiting for us. A quick shower and we’re outta there to do a little shopping at Woolsworth for the party, after which we did start our little journey to her place via a cab (our first experience with the cabs, and their horrendous meters). The lady cab driver was really hilarious but don’t mind me saying, I do wonder if she is really a guy…hmm with her deep voice and physique.. The folks finally arrived and after some pizza and drinks (oh I gotta add, the caviar spread for the biscuits was ABSOLUTELY fabulous!!) we started out our twister game! It gets a bit interesting when you play twister after a few drinks.. as you’ll see from the photos (the folks named by butt, the cobra butt, cause when I raised mine 3 people fell out of the mat and yeh.. cobra cause my jeans had a cobra image on the back pocket.. hilarious)Colin and I were the remaining 2 fellas on the mat and there doesn’t seem to be a clear winner in sight so another 3 joined in, maintaining the maximum 5 on the mat at any one time. Check out the positions we got ourselves into! If I’m gonna mention all the stuff we did afterwards it will take all day, and I don’t think you would WANT to know anyway.. heh heh.. back into our little cab into our hotel rooms..wow..2am. At 2am the cab meters ticks twice for every heartbeat…GAWD help us! Day 3 will see us with our first ABC (Australian born chick?) girl…well not born she just moved to aussie land for a while…so stay with me.

Day 3

Ah..not too bad. Some improvement now, 11.45am..wakey wakey! Crawled out of the hotel at 1 though! ? Darling harbour was our destination…checked out the side walk cafes…decided to try BlackBird.. where we came across this little interesting chick. You see in aussie land they don’t have so many restrictions on servers like they have her. You should see the stuff she wears.. wow! We have a picture of her with us, check it out. Tan’s her last name, she’s from Malaysia and she literally..gee what’s the right word to use…someone help me please!!…oh yeh…SKIPS her way around…that’s it. You’ll see her in the pictures. Had my beer (millers) and their excellent fish and chips. Wassup next? ICE CREAM! PASSION FLOWER we went! Did I already mention their fabulous ice cream flavours? Goodness fabulous is but an understatement. Finally a chance to walk around darling harbour during the day while fantasizing on the jet boat ride we had the day before. Should we try it out again?? Hmm…I suppose we decided to walk around instead. Tried the buses, the trains (pretty expensive but the trains have double-decks!), the monorail which plays this choo-choo advertisement tune after we pulled out of a particular station (yeh we took 3 rounds)…we walked back to our hotel and Kristi decided to get along home soon enough, and that’s when I encountered this “pull-down and fuck you” incident. Before you think dirty, go back and read my top 10 list! We got a little naughty and decided to take some photos with the stuff on the adult channels…but it’s boring lah really. Don’t bother with adult channels…grrrrrr…”oei! Koon liao lah still watch porno later eye sore then you know”… oh well…WHATEVER!

Day 4

Ahhhhh crap I didn’t get an eye sore but I woke up with a major major huge mother of an inflammation on my left leg on the tendon that connects the heel to the leg. It gets to me sometimes but why now?! Anyway…Saturday it is, we had to check out already, which we did (duh!), packed our bags and placed them in the store. The hotel staff were really sweet and agreed to anything we requested. People around here ain’t that accommodating…anyway I digress.. after much screaming I managed to drag myself out of the hotel on one leg and it’s back to more walking! Ta da! It is back to darling harbour with all its glory and all. This time lunch was @ Blue Fish Café. Tried their Mahi-Mahi which is a grilled fish dish, really nice and all but doesn’t come cheap. More ice-cream afterwards (as with every visit to Darling Harbour where the stall is). Actually before lunch we went to get a bottle to store sand, for a friend. And Colin had to go back to KooKai to get stuff for his sister (ain’t he sweet?) and that’s where we met Sophie..*L* I bet Colin still thinks of her but she has a boyfriend already(as we would find out later). Maybe she lied I don’t know hah hah.. that’s before lunch. After lunch we went back to the hotel cause it was getting chilly and Colin needed a jumper. Kristi was with us too and the two of them went back to KooKai cause Colin wanted her number and stuff. It was hilarious cause throughout lunch he was bugging us for a pick-up line (haha sorrie buddy) and Kristi had to do one for him, more then 10 times! Guys.. word of the day.. “presumptuous” which means to take liberty of something. There! I was at the hotel waiting for them (I cant’ walk real fast, had a swelling remember?) and they came back soon enough, turned out Sophie claimed she already had a boyfriend hah hah. Enough about that or Colin might (fan1 lian3). We went back to Circular Quay and of course Sydney Harbour to catch a cruise to Manly Island. It looked almost like a little town on its own, 30 minutes by boat but it is really still party of Sydney. We had quite a fair bit of photos here check them out in the gallery. Dinner was fish and chips. I chose my own fish, waited for it and we took it elsewhere (we are cheapos and didn’t want to pay dine-in prices), namely into a food court and into a dark corner where we ate our fish and chips. We then had to talk another walk around, get a picture against the roaring waves.. talked some crap, got our boat back to Sydney Harbour.. took a cab back to the hotel, rushed to get our staff and dumped it into the cab (not only was the meter still running like our heart beats, but it started to rain again) and set off for Kristi’s place…in Kingsford. You won’t want to know what we had to do afterwards but anyway we had to sleep kinda early cause our hunter valley trip was up next…how did it go? Details up next.

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