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Day 5 - Day 8

Day 5

It’s Hunter Valley day! We’re up bright and early but we did get a little confused cause the daylight settings changed on this day so we got 1 extra hour since Sydney is now GMT + 10 instead. I’m still hobbling pretty badly but….perseverance! Nothing will stop us from getting our asses to Hunter Valley! We’re all alcoholics mah! Boarded the bus from the pick-up point which took us to Star City where the bus bays are. Ours was on bay 7 (gotta make sure you board the right bus) and did I mentioned that the buses there are powerful and luxurious? They run on auto gear too, aint as bumpy a ride as those you get here on some SBS buses…Our first stop was at Wyndham. It’s 2 hours north of Sydney and it serves the best steak around I tell ya. All over 300g of it, with potatoes, and Shiraz. I don’t like Shiraz but it goes well with beef. Oh did I mention Shiraz is a red wine? We had wine tasting before that and I ended up buying more then a few bottles back. I went for the limited Semillon 1997 as well as a vintage brut, which is a sparkling wine. Excellent stuff. Did I also mention we were getting a little high already? 2 more wineries to go.. the next being McGuigan. Colin was really in a bad shape by the time we reached and we had to hang around for a while before he was able to proceed. This is also the place where I bought the ‘horny wine’ which is really a Botrytis Semillon, a desert wine. The story behind it goes, supposedly any woman who drinks it, would get horny. It is really sweet, and the bartender agreed, adding “either you lick it off an ice cream, or off her.” Okay so you get the picture, and no I am not opening that so quickly! Mt Pleasant was our final stop before we made our way back to Sydney. Didn’t’ try the wines here already. The mouth’s too confused for more, not to mention even alcoholics like us were already sorta puking our guts out. We settled for a cuppa instead (check picture) before heading back to the coach and back to Sydney. We were set to visit the casino at Star city. But we had so many bottles of wine. How?? You got it right, go back to the hotel we stayed at dumped the wine there! The reception girl was really sweet and obliging and I feel kinda bad that we actually did that when we had already checked out the day before. Dinner was next at the darling harbour, and if you ever go there and think you can finish an Australian hotdog yourself, DON’T!.. Ice-cream followed that and it’s Star City time! It was an experience caused I haven’t really stepped into a Casino before (I’m a goodie-2-shoes kinda guy..?) . The best thing I saw was this black jack game where this girl had 2 As, and she wanted to split! Guess what? She had 2 pictures! 2 black jacks again…wow! I wouldn’t have split man..she’s either soooo damm lucky or she’s a human calculator. And there is this game I call wheel of fortune. There are 5 slots with different odds for you to place your bets. The lowest being 1:1 (most number of occurrence) and a 1:47 payout. You place your tokens on whichever slot you think will appear next, and the wheel is spun. If it does land on your slot you win whatever said odds. I was quite lucky actually! I didn’t bet literally, only mentally, I won quite a lot and no.. I won’t place $$ on the line cause I always have bad luck with it. Maybe the stress affects my gut feel…*L* We left Star City after an hour and went for a walk around Darling Harbour. We noticed something we didn’t spot earlier.. ie tones of jellyfish floating around the ‘banks’ of the harbour, all around. I picked one up.. was really slimy and eeeky actually if you asked but for the fun of it decided to anyway…tried real hard not to kill any though. Time to go home..

Day 6

It’s the big Coogee - Bondi walk! (check map) It’s one of the famous walks which lasts about 10km on the footpath. Lots of people run up and down the footpath (has excellent coastal view). The bus took us to Coogee terminal where we got off right next to the beach. The air, view (Read topless women) was simply breath-taking! We spotted 3 teenage guys off the shore in a little corner where they were dancing to this tune they were singing aloud (n sync juniors in the making). Here’s how it went “Fuck your mother upside down..doo da doo da…stick a dildo up her ass doo a doo dah deh!”… sorry I forgot the rest of the lyrics but it was so hilarious, especially when Kristi redid the whole thing and commented “It’s so wrong!”. Hey you don’t get these in Singapore ya know. Guys if you were the ones singing that little tune and you are reading this drop me a mail please!! The walk lasted some one and a half hours, the route took us past a couple beaches and bays(check them out on the map!), a huge graveyard, and the asian group of people who wanted to take some water-crest home…we finally reached Bondi, had some lunch (a 2 for 1 pizza deal), picked some sand for my friends, took a few photos, challenged the waves which somehow got us wet instead….but not before we had more ice cream!! Yes that’s what was next….and then it was a little trip down to FOX studios. Nothing much there actually the amusement park had closed down, the movies were crappy, the clothing were so ‘gay’ as Colin found out…so we left after a while. We pretty much landed ourselves at Oxford (the infamous homosexual’s heaven) where we had dinner. The three of us had a pasta each and in came in a bowl with enough pasta in it to feed an army! But the servers there were really nice and friendly…asked where we came from and this waitress who has been to Singapore commented it was a really nice place, she was from some country in Europe. We desperately had to take a walk afterwards and we ended up in a ‘naughty’ shop cause I thought I might find some nice presents there. While there I realized I must have asked for too much and decided to leave…heh heh.. we went back to the city area, walked through Hyde park for a while when 2 officers came up and advised us not to hang around for too long. It was a little dangerous so late at night, especially since someone just got stabbed the night before. The news came as a shock to us cause Colin was there alone the night before. What a close encounter! We decided to catch the last bus home anyway and that pretty much wrapped up the day. Well no actually we were home watching TV and this program came on. It was Ricki (www.ricki.com)with her talk show and I thought it was fabulous. They have different themes per show and that night’s one was, “Watch your eyes! These are really girls frontin’ as guys!” The first couple was about the husband complaining about his wife dressing up like a guy for far too long. When she finally appeared, we all gasped! I tell ya….she’ll give the boybands a run for their money. She looked so…guy! I mean you look at her there is no way you could have guessed she’s a she. Colin was just coming out of the shower and I asked him if he found her handsome. Colin didn’t think so but when I told him he’s actually a she, Colin just couldn’t believe it. It was sooo funny. The next few folks were more of like sisters and friends who wanted one of their friends/sisters to be a ‘woman’ for just one day. Most of the girls were lesbians though and were completely happy with how they looked. The last set of people was this ‘friend’ who really wanted to see his friend (who’s a guy) change from the drag appearance he’s been keeping and look more like a guy for once. It seems quite clear they were gay partners though..at least for me. He (she’s) absolutely gorgeous and she could walk, talk (minus the deep voice) and sashays around better then an average woman could! Next, they were given a transformation, put the guys into what they should be and the girls into what they should be. The first one walked out pretty good! The next two girls walked out like they were gonna bash someone in the audience, they didn’t even walked like guys even gawd you could tell they REALLY hated the transformation. The last one was no different. He looked really good in the business shirt and tie but he really hated what he was wearing, it was all over his body language, but the host commented he ought to teach the other ladies how they should walk…*L* okay folks it’s late time to sleep…it’s the final day of the trip..details up next.

Day 7

oh no..just one day away from the end of our trip. Colin’s already grumbling that he doesn’t want to go back (actually he has been grumbling since we arrived !) and that if it weren’t for the Alegria (performed by Cirque du Soleil) thing he would certainly extend his visit. We decided to travel around Broadway, walked into this shop that sells aromatherapy oils and scents. Colin and I irritated the hell out of Kristi, it was just a prank actually but I won’t go into details hahaa if someday you do hang out with Colin and myself ask for it and we’ll do our thing! Following that was some lunch at this Lebanese café. The meat balls were quite good actually and we were basically the only people in and around the café and street despite being 1pm there(try finding a place in Singapore during that hour that’s empty). A little more walking, bought a Sheridans from a liquor store, checked out the DFS in the city and got an XO for my granny (was a real bad buy, SG’s DFS is so much cheaper). Was around 5pm already and the sky’s beginning to get dark and we remembered we haven’t taken a day shot of the Harbour Bridge yet! It’s back to Circular Quay..get a cuppa first (still early lah..), before looking for wrapping papers to help mask our loot (bottles of wine to ‘smuggle’ back) before sitting down by Sydney Harbour (photos..it’s there) finishing our last shots, enjoying looking up into the sky, the bridge, people walking by…the hotel rooms (hang on what’s the naked man doing walking around the window hmm..) talking about getting some cigars to try out…oops! Time to meet Wendy!! At oxford! Again! Wendy my sweetie so kindly agreed to meet up for dinner despite feeling really tried from a camping trip over the weekend. It’s a little more walking afterwards and a last chance and dose of passion flower’s wonderful ice-cream. Wendy was too tired to join us for some Karaoke so she left us just about there and Kristi, Colin and I went to a ktv in Chinatown. Rates were around 30 odd per hour with a not-too-impressive list of songs but nonetheless we had a blast anyway. Why not..it was our last night indeed. We managed to catch the last bus, got back, packed the wine, developed the best plot on earth on the smuggling, showered and finished all the little gritty bits and it’s ZZZZzz…by then it was close to 4am. Shouldn’t be a problem cause we can ZZZZz on the plane right? We’ll see….

Day 8

Rnnnnnngg!!! As we packed our last couple things and waited for the taxi, till the time we landed in Changi Airport…this whole song kept playing..

“All my bags are packed
I'm ready to go
I'm standing here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin'
This early morn
The taxi's waitin'
He's blowin' his horn
Already I'm so lonesome I could cry

So kiss me and smile for me
Tell me that you'll wait for me
Hold me like you'll never let me go
Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again
Oh babe I hate to go”

"Chantal Kreviazuk - Leaving On A Jet Plane"

And that’s it folks. Reality has set in that I have my sorry ass back in this land again in one piece I might add…till next time keep looking on and as always, there’s something for everyone in this little land in this little space on the big big web, I call sillypore. Laterz…and peace bros! (and sis!)

Writer : Mark
Edited by : Colin & Kristi (thanks for going through the interim journal!)